UNIX环境高级编程读书笔记(第二版)/Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment(2nd)


1 Chapter 1: UNIX System Overview

1.1 Introduction

Typical Services:

  • Executing a program (execution)
  • Opening a file (file IO)
  • Reading a file (file IO)
  • Allocating a region of memory (memory management)
  • Getting the current time of day (time management)
  • And so on(net, scheduler, etc.)


1.2 UNIX Architecture

  • kernel, system calls, library routines, shell, applications

1.3 Logging in

1.3.1 Login name: /etc/passwd

1.3.2 Shells

1.3.3 Files and Directories

1.3.4 Working directory

1.3.5 Home Directory

1.4 Input and output