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1 install and config

1.1 screencast software

vokoscreen-NG(Vokoscreen New Generation)上手简单,功能丰富。代码在 这里github vokoscreen


[[email protected]{} ~/bin ] <2020-11-14 13:18:51>
$ sudo apt-get install vokoscreen-ng

vokoscreen快捷键是硬编码在代码中的 code QvkGlobalShortCut.cpp :

ShortCut Function
Ctrl + Shift + F10 Start
Ctrl + Shift + F11 Stop
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Pause/Resume
Ctrl + Shift + F8 Webcam switch
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Magnifier

1.2 screenshot


~$ sudo apt-get install flameshot

1.3 X11配置

Debian buster 默认使用Wayland。Vokoscreen不支持Wayland, 需要切回Xorg,修改 /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf 设置 WaylandEnable=false。

# GDM configuration storage
# See /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas for a list of available options.

# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg

Wayland is a communication protocol that specifies the communication between a display server and its clients. A display server using the Wayland protocol is called a Wayland compositor, because it additionally performs the task of a compositing window manager.

1.4 Resolution

现在屏幕分辨率都比较高,生成视频占用空间大,可以用 ffmpeg 进行任意调整。

例如,将 1600x900 录屏文件调整为 640x480:

~$ ffmpeg -i vokoscreen.orig.mp4 -vf scale=640:360 -hide_banner vokoscreen.mp4

2 example

A record example with resolution 640x480:

A flameshot capture with resolution 655x268:

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